How to reach us

Here you can find some useful information to reach Siena. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for advices! Another option you have is to use services provided by Omio, which will lets you compare flights, buses and trains throughout Europe at the same time.


By Airplane:

- If you are to land Florence Airport, from there you can take a bus to Florence Station (information about this bus is here; Ticket can be bought aboard. From Florence Station you can take the train to Siena (see the website where you can search for the best schedule) or the bus (the terminus is near Florence Station): for the bus timetable you can look here (from Firenze - Autostazione to Siena - via Tozzi).


- From Pisa Airport to Siena you can reach Firenze Autostazione first, and then go on to Siena as mentioned above; otherwise, you may use the train (Pisa Centrale - Empoli, and then change for Empoli - Siena). You can check the timetable at the web page and find more information here.


- If your plane lands at Aeroporto di Fiumicino or Ciampino in Rome, the best way is to take a bus to Siena from Roma Tiburtina (Flixbus); To reach Roma Tiburtina from both airports you may find useful information here or here


- From Bologna Airport there is a bus which arrives directly to Siena, please the timetable at Flixbus.


By Train:

- If you are planning to reach Siena by train, the nearest High Speed Train (Frecciarossa) enabled station is Firenze - Santa Maria Novella. For other kind of train (Intercity, Regional etc.) as a general rule, your best choice is to reach Firenze - Santa Maria Novella from the northern direction, and Chiusi - Chianciano Terme from the southern one. From there you may take a Regional Train (ticket: about 10€) to Siena Station. For timetables and route planning, please visit the official Trenitalia website.

Once arrived in Siena, the easiest way to catch Certosa di Pontignano, where the Workshop is going to be held, is by taxi, it will take about 20 minutes. Telephone number of the radio taxi is: +39 (0)577 49222.

There is also a urban Bus from Siena - Piazza Gramsci to Pontignano (bus number 34), but there are only five daily trips. Here you can find the timetable to Pontignano and from Pontignano.