The story of the European Workshop in Drug Synthesis officially goes back in 2006, when the first edition took place in Certosa di Pontignano, Siena. Since then, each even year a new edition followed, bringing us today at its 8th meeting.

The planning of each edition of this renowned event, and of its sibling, the European Workshop in Drug Design, has been directed with passion and commitment by Prof. Maurizio Botta.

Born in Marziana, near Rome (Italy) in May 1950, he studied chemistry at La Sapienza University of Rome, and gained his PhD at University of Brunswick (Canada), with Prof. Karel Wiesner. He spent the following years in Rome, as a researcher for La Sapienza University, while being visiting scientist abroad on many occasions. In late '80s, he became Associate Professor and, then, Full Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Siena, where he spent the rest of his career. He sadly passed away on August 2019, leaving to the scientific community more than 450 papers, book chapters and books, on the many topics he dealt during his career. Besides his scientific production, he started and took care of the two European Workshops, building over time two international well-established networks of collaborators and friends.

To his memory, this 8th edition of the EWDSy is dedicated.


"Finding a drug is a complex combination of many disciplines such as structural biology, molecular biology, synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, physical chemistry, pharmacology and medicine. 

Only a good collaboration can drive the work to the final goal."


Maurizio Botta, PhD